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Some fake migration agents are trying to scam people who are trying to apply for visas to travel abroad whether it is for holiday, study or work. This is scam that has been going on in the country for long and many people have become a victim of it. But there are ways how you can spot this scam and avoid being a victim of it. The scam is getting serious day by day and so many people are losing their money and hope to go abroad because of desperation and the promise of a better life abroad.

Signs By Which You Can Spot The Scam:

  1. If the agents give only their first name and the mobile number to you and do not work for a registered company, it can be a fraud hiding the identity.
  2. If the agent is not at all willing to tell you the address of their office and call you to meet you in any other places but not in their office, then it can be the case that they don’t even have a legal office and they are doing those services fraudulently.
  3. There has to be some demand for the required documents like English language Test, Education and Work History for the visa as those are important for the application of visa. Other countries like Australia check those documents very closely to grant your visa. But if your agent is not demanding anything like that except money, then there is a fear that he/she is a fraud.
  4. If you see that an agent is producing fake documents or photographs for the visa purpose then there is a high chance that the agent is a scammer.
  5. A tourist cannot work in a country abroad. There has to be a work visa if you want to work there. A tourist visa is not enough for working in any foreign country. If your agent tells you that you can work with a tourist visa, then he/she must be a fraud and should not be trusted.
  6. No one can guarantee you about your visa or resident in a foreign country like Australia, USA, Canada UK or Europe from outside that country. If your agent gives you that kind of guarantee then be very aware that the agent might be a scam.
  7. Receipts or contracts should be signed for each and every money transactions with an agent. If he/she demands only cash and doesn’t issue any receipt or contracts then it is better to avoid him/her.
  8. They offer special, too good to be true immigration deals, or guarantees entry into Canada, Australia, UK, USA or Europe, high-paying jobs or faster processing of your application.

At NAC-Travel International we aim to offer professional immigration advise to all our valued clients and are constantly trying to assist them from falling victim to visa scams. We are a legally registered company and a bonded member of SATSA. This means you are always in safe hands when you engage in the services we provide. Stay safe and always use registered and verified agents when making application for visas and tour packages.


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