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Service Fees

Service Fee (ZAR) Link
Zoom Meetings 450 (USD25) More Info
Face to Face Meetings 950 (USD50) More Info
Visa Processing 5,500 (USD300) More Info
Flight, Hotel Reservation and Travel Insurance from R600 (USD30) More Info
South Africa Business Permit 500,000 (USD27,500) More Info
South Africa Critical Skills Permit 300,000 (USD16,700) More Info
Canada Migration Premium Packages 240,000 (USD13,500) More Info
USA L1 Visa Premium Packages 350,000 (USD19,300) More Info
Study Abroad Premium Packages 60,000 (USD3,400) More Info
International student allocation 6,000 (USD400) More Info
Visa eligibility assessment Free More Info
Canada Holiday Package 95,000 (USD5,300) More Info
USA Holiday Package 65,000 (USD3,650) More Info
Schengen Holiday Package 39,500 (USD2,200) More Info
Cape Town Holiday Package 12,000 (USD680) More Info
Durban Holiday Package 9,000 (USD500) More Info
Australia Holiday Package 39,000 (USD2,200) More Info
Terms of Service
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