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Europe Job Seeker Visa Info

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Europe Job Seeker Visa Information

Europe Job Seeker Information – NAC Travel

In addition to the fact that European Union countries attract a large number of foreigners…

Besides, the European Commission in January this year unfolded plans to introduce a new mechanism in order to encourage migration from third countries to the EU and thus mitigate labour shortages registered in many industries.

In addition, the Commissioner for Home Affairs and Employment and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit, announced a Labour Migration Platform that will help EU countries deal with the labour shortage challenges.

The figures provided by the European Statistics Office, Eurostat, showed that the unemployment rate in EU countries in January this year was 6.1 per cent, and 6.7 per cent in the Euro area.

What Is a Job Seeker Visa?

Through the Job Seeker Visa, foreigners are eligible to enter a specific country with the main purpose to search for a job. They are allowed to carry out work activities for a limited period of time until their visa expires. Once benefiting from this visa, foreigners are able to remain legally in countries that offer such opportunities.

Which EU Countries Offer Job Seeker Visas?

At present, the following six European Union countries offer Job Seeker Visas, permitting internationals to come and find jobs, thus living temporarily in countries that offer such opportunities: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.


Austria’s Job Seeker Visa permits foreigners to reach this country for work purposes, allowing them to work in this country for six months, under the Red-White-Red Card scheme.


Denmark has among the shortest working week in the world, with an average expat working 37 hours per week, giving employees five weeks of vacation, thus permitting them to spend more time with their families.


Through the Job Seeker Visa, foreigners are eligible to stay in Germany for six months and find employment and then apply for a work permit and stay in the country long-term.


Portugal permits foreigners to enter and remain in this country for a period of 120 days and it is renewable for 60 days. The job seeker visa permits only one entry into this country, as confirmed by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Spain’s Job Seeking Visa or Employment Seeking Residency Permit in Spain also attracts a large number of foreign workers.


Sweden’s Job Seeker Visa is valid for a period of three months, however, it can be extended to nine months. It has been confirmed that those who are qualified for jobs are issued the Sweden Job Seeker visa.

Authorities in Sweden are attempting to bring to the country a larger number of qualified foreigners in order to deal with labour shortages; therefore, the country decided to tighten the conditions for labour immigration and focus on qualified labour immigration instead.

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